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The Shane Sams Show

Aug 5, 2021

Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is David Benham of Expert Ownership! David and his twin brother, Jason, were 3-sport athletes who were drafted by the Red Sox and Orioles, respectively.

David tells how he went from swinging a bat to pushing a broom-- minor league baseball player to janitor-- in a period of just 3 months.

Hear David’s story about how he and his brother got into real estate, grew their business during the recession, and then were approached by a production company to appear on a reality show, only to have that opportunity taken away from them by social media pressure and cancel culture.

David talks about how faith, persistence, and authenticity helped to get him past that and brought him success.

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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

- How to build up passive income to become “uncancellable”

- When things happen to you, it’s either a raving success or an incredible story

- How to overcome adversity by being faithful, disciplined, and diligent

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